Get Rainy Day Ready

Marmot minimalist rain coat with jeans and Hunter Original Refined rain boots.
This rain-ready look is going to be a staple for fall in Seattle.

I’ll plead that I recently moved from drought-plagued Southern California to the Pacific Northwest. Nonetheless, I’m embarrassed to admit that my lightweight raincoat, while still waterproof, was starting to come unraveled at the seams. While I’m fine with weather as long as I’m warm and dry, a quality raincoat was high on my list of necessities.

I’d been halfheartedly looking around for a coat to keep me dry during the rainy season in my new city. Luckily, the REI Labor Day sale ended up being the perfect opportunity to find one before the rain moved in. With the assistance of one incredibly friendly member of the staff, I think I tried on every model of women’s raincoat in the huge (and beautiful) REI flagship store.


The winner is, (drum roll please!) … this Marmot Women’s Minimalist Rain Coat ($60 off through September 5 at REI!). At first try, the coat felt a touch large. However, by tightening the hidden elastic cord in the waist, I was able to create a more snug fit and narrow the look of the body. The sleeves are significantly narrower than many of the other styles I tried on, and can be tightened at the wrist.

The hood is just the right size for my smaller head. Unfortunately, it does not zip or roll away, a common feature in men’s coats. I have plenty of room for a hat or ponytail, but it isn’t a massive hood that comes down over my eyes (I should have snapped a pic of that one for you to see — comical!). Because it is Gore-tex, the raincoat does crinkle somewhat as you move. Nonetheless, I like the matte finish over the shinier look of my old coat.

Because I have such a neutral wardrobe, I can add a pop of color in my raincoat to add a little cheer on a cloudy, rainy day. I fell in love with this deep teal color, which looks greener in warmer lighting than in these photos. I also appreciate that the lining is a dark grey that will stay nicer looking than a lighter color. All in all, there are nine colors for you to choose from, including classic black and a bold royal blue. Branding on the jacket includes the name Marmot on the left breast, Gore-tex on the left forearm, and the Marmot logo on the back. The branding elements are more apparent on some colors than others.

This Marmot Women's Minimalist Rain Jacket in Deep Teal features a dark grey interior.
Don’t forget to check the fit of your hood. When the rain hits, you want it to be large enough to cover your head but not so large as to obscure your view or blow right off.

Overall, I would have loved to see Marmot roll out an XXS size and a zip-in collar (minimalist or not!). That said, I have enough room underneath this coat for a thick sweater or my perennial staple, a black North Face fleece. (It looks like some colors are as low as $27; I just wish that gorgeous green didn’t have a hot pink logo!) All in all, I’m happy to have found a Gore-tex option in such a great color and on sale, no less!


I told you that you’d be seeing these again! These jeans are my Madewell Quincy wash 8″ skinny jeans, which I showed you in my very first post!

Rain Boots

I had a pair of leather riding boots that I loved and wore into the ground (4+ years and 3 soles later, the top finally wore through). In my (ongoing) quest to find a new pair of riding boots, I tried on these Hunter Original Refined Rain Boots at Nordstrom’s annual sale (then $129, now back up to $195). The boots come in half sizes only, but the incredibly helpful salesperson (shout out to Jackie in the shoe department at Nordstrom Seattle!) told me they ran a little large, so I sized down to a 6. These are only my second pair of rain boots ever!

I love that ‘refined’ look of the matte black finish and black-and-navy cinching strap in the back. That red and white Hunter logo is, of course, present in the front.

Dark wash jeans and Hunter Original Refined Rain Boots in black.
These Hunter Original Refined Rain Boots might be too tall for petites with shorter tibias.

Side note: the Hunter boots’ box is great-looking and has a red ribbon handle to carry it! I appreciate well-designed packaging.

If you’re a petite, these boots may be too tall. On me, the top of the boot hits just below my knee in the front. This gives me that long-and-lean look I love in a tall boot. That said, they could not hit even half an inch higher without hitting my knee. As you might guess, rubber is not an over-the-knee material! If you do have a longer tibia but find that boots often gap around the calf, these would probably fit well! They are narrower than many boots, especially rain boots, and are comfortably snug (in jeans) to my calf.

I have one complaint about these boots. While they are very easy to get on, I have to be a contortionist to get them off! This usually means asking very nicely for my SO to give me a hand. This probably wouldn’t be as much of an issue if you were on the smaller end of your size. However, in thick socks, my Hunters are a perfect fit.

If you’re looking for a pair of boot-friendly socks, I have multiple pairs of the REI Muted Stripe Knee Socks in both the dark and light grey options. These merino wool socks feature a thicker cushion around the foot to keep your toes comfortable (and aren’t itchy!).

As I wrap up this post, it is just starting to sprinkle outside my window. With this Marmot rain jacket and Hunter rain boots, I feel far more ready to take on fall in Seattle!

May your feet stay warm and dry!

– Casey


Beginning with the Basics

Begin with the basics with this petite-friendly Madewell radio tee in black with cuffed Quincy wash 8" skinny jeans and Hinge Drea peep toe lace up leather sandals in blush.
Elevate your everyday jeans and tee look with great fabrics, flattering fit, and simple accessories.

Hi! I’m Casey. For my first post here on Dressed to Code, I figured I’d be true to myself and show you my go-to look: jeans and a t-shirt! At 5’3″ tall (on a good day), even this staple look can be difficult to put together without looking too youthful. The key to success is to build on quality, well-fitting basics. I’ll admit I don’t wear heels on a daily basis, but these blush leather lace-ups are my current shoe crush.


After my well-loved, favorite jeans wore out and ripped (in a not-fixable area), I went hunting for a similar, heavyweight denim in a flattering cut. For me, that meant finding a pair that would fit my hips without being too large at the waist. Jeans are probably one of the most ubiquitous basics and the basis for many classic looks.

Fast forward a couple dozen pairs of jeans, and I found a great pair that fit at Madewell. These 8″ skinny jeans (on sale!) are one of their staple fits, and I love the darkness of the Quincy wash. I’m wearing a size 25 in the regular length, cuffed. The high-quality denim has a substantial feel to it, and doesn’t stretch out throughout the day. You can bet on seeing more of these in future posts.


The back of the basics with this view of Madewell radio tee, Quncy wash 8" skinny jeans, and Hinge Drea blush leather sandals.
These dark wash jeans are flattering from all angles.

I loved the new pair so much that I went online and snagged a pair in the Lakeshore wash (now only $50!). I ended up getting the Lakeshore pair hemmed and tapered through Madewell, which I’ll cover in a later post.


While in store at Madewell, I also found a new favorite in the pima cotton radio tee (now on sale for $14 in 3 colors). Tees are other critical basics. However, I often find shirts to be simultaneously too long and wide in the body and too tight in the arms and across the chest. (I call it the too-tight-tent!) This ultra soft tee didn’t have any of those problems.  I wear an XS, which means there’s even another smaller size for you to try. This might be a cropped fit on a taller person, but I like that the hem hits me just below the top of those 8″ skinny jeans without the excessive width of many cropped styles. The resulting fit is a close-to-the-body but not-too-tight tee in a flattering length.

The Madewell radio tee, Fossil Georgia watch, and Madewell 8" skinny jeans are all quality basics.
With a t-shirt that fits this well and feels this good, you might feel like you’re getting away with something.


I saw these Hinge ‘Drea’ peep toe leather sandals online and knew I wanted to try them on. As someone who usually saves heels for special occasions, I was happy to find a pair of comfortable casual heels! Although they also come in black, I loved the nearly-nude look of the blush leather on my fair skin. Because of the lace-up style, the leather adjusts to your foot like a second skin. I tried on multiple sizes and purchased my usual sandal size (5.5). I’ll be wearing these with summery dressed as much as I can before cool weather sets in, and then pairing them with jeans and sweaters to get even more use out of them.

The very first time I wore these sandals, I ended up walking over a mile through the city on one of the hottest days in Seattle all summer. When I got home, my feet were a little sweaty (sorry if that’s TMI) but content, thanks to the quality leather and attractive cutouts. Because the laces allow you to get a custom fit, my feet hadn’t slid around, and I had zero blisters. I had a little bit of that muscle soreness from being in heels all day, but I could have walked even farther. Win!

Love the basics with these Madewell 8" skinny jeans in Quincy wash, cuffed and paired with Hinge Drea peep toe lace up leather sandals in blush.
These Hinge Drea peep toe leather sandals manage to be attractive and comfortable, no breaking in needed.


This black and silver Fossil Georgia Watch (also marked down) balances a slender leather band and large face. The black leather with shiny silver accents fits perfectly into my aesthetic, and it manages to give the bold look of a large face watch without being overwhelming on a small wrist. The large face and notched dial also means it’s easy to read with a subtle glance.

Madewell radio tee in black with Fossil Georgia watch in black leather with silver hardware are basics for your closet.
Can you tell how excited I am about this watch? I could also be excited that it was almost time for lunch.


My pearl studs are my favorite earrings and were a present from my grandmother years ago. If you’re looking for a classic pair of pearls with a smaller price tag, these Charter Club imitation pearl earrings are a good choice.

The Madewell radio tee in black pairs well with classic pearl studs for a great version of the basics.
These classic pearl studs are subtle enough for everyday wear and refined enough for special occasions.

Whether you read this post or just scrolled through the photos, welcome to Dressed to Code and thanks for reading! Make sure to follow me on Instagram or your other favorite social media to keep up with new posts. You can also learn more about me or my goals for the blog. If you have your own favorite fit tee, leave a comment below!

May your closet be prepared for whatever you get dressed to do!

– Casey