About the Blogger

Petite woman wearing Madewell radio tee in black with cuffed Quincy wash 8" skinny jeans and Hinge Drea peep toe lace up leather sandals in blush.


Hello, I’m Casey, the blogger behind Dressed to Code! Right now, so much of my life is new. I’m a new(ish) grad working a new job and living a new life in a new city. My idea of happy hour involves food, and my freezer is stocked with Trader Joe’s pot stickers. My brainstorming is often down on pen and paper, but I’m a software developer by day. While I don’t currently have any pets (I’d love a cat or dog), I have one loveable and supportive significant other.



Height: 5’3″ | 160 cm



Area of Origin: Southern California

Current Location: Seattle, Washington


Why: The Myth

In my experience, the true myth of the rom-com genre isn’t the sappy saga of two or more people falling in love — it’s the shopping montage. You know the one I’m talking about: suddenly there’s a fancy date scheduled for that very evening, and she waltzes into the store, only to find the perfect outfit (complete with accessories) for the occasion. This cliche is only surpassed by the variation where rich male suitor buys and delivers her a dress which magically fits. I’m not buying it. PURE FICTION.

Unless you have a small fortune and happen to fall into a narrow range, clothes shopping probably isn’t a runway-walk-with-armfuls-of-pastel-shopping-bags kind of experience. As a result, I’m not going to pretend it’s fun for everyone all the time. Shopping can sometimes be less retail therapy and more frustrating and exhausting. I started this blog as a way to share the spoils of my labor with others. If I am going to spend time tracking down the pieces to assemble my new-grad, new-life, new-city wardrobe, why not allow others to benefit as well? On a related note, if you find something great that you think I’d love, let me know!

When you do find that perfect item – it fits like it was made for you, it looks great, it’s within your budget – it can be a magical movie-moment feeling, so keep looking!


How: The Shopping Guidelines

  1. Be picky. If it’s not love at first try-on, it’s probably not meant to be. It could be a really great piece, but if it’s not you, it likely doesn’t belong in your closet.
  2. Be an outfit repeater. If you like something, why wouldn’t you wear it again? Remember, shopping your own closet is free and easy. If you stick to an aesthetic range, it’ll be easy to create many new outfits from the same favorite pieces.
  3. Buy better, not more. This saves time, money, and the environment. Many of my purchases involve replacing items that have finally worn out after lots of love.
  4. Try it on. This should be obvious, but things often look different on the rack. If you’re in store and love the fabric and the price, give it a chance.
  5. Clean out your closet. If you hate something every time you see it or put it on, it doesn’t belong in your closet, let alone your life. Ditch it by donating or selling as appropriate.
  6. Find a tailor you trust. I’m new(ish) to Seattle and still working on finding a local tailor myself, but having a tailor that will give it to you straight opens up your possibilities tremendously.
  7. Shop strategically, not desperately. Avoid ‘desperation purchases’ and only buy quality items that are a positive asset to your wardrobe and your life. Having a list and narrowing down what you’re looking for can make the overwhelming sea of options easier to navigate.
  8. Know yourself but try new things. Human beings aren’t static, and dressing up as a new you can be a push to help you be more confident, outgoing, etc.