Sipping Across Seattle: Storyville Coffee

Almond slivers cover the croissant on a small white place on a distressed, painted wood table with blue, purple, and pink paints.
This wasn’t my almond croissant, but the owner was kind enough to wait while I snapped a few photos of the beautiful pastry.

One of the best things about travelling (or in this case, moving cities) is finding little spots like Storyville Coffee. This coffeehouse came highly recommended by the Instagram community, and the food and drink actually tasted as good as it looked.

Blogger Aimee Song recommended using Instagram (as opposed to something like Yelp) to initially find new and interesting places to try in her book Capturing Your Style, which I read cover-to-cover one night last week. Given the success of this meal, I’m inclined to take her advice.


With my dietary restrictions, I try to minimize my dairy and soy consumption. Therefore, I was very pleased by the quality and variety of the milks Storyville was offering, including:

  • Nonfat milk
  • House-made Coconut Cashew Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Soy milk

I ordered my staple drink, an almond milk hot chocolate, and was thrilled to receive a beautiful decorative heart in my drink. Beautiful latte art is an Instagram staple for a reason. However, I just don’t drink lattes. (I’ll snap a photo of a friend’s, but you won’t find me ordering them just for a photo!) Needless to say, I admired this cup for longer than usual before taking a sip.

Cup and saucer of almond milk hot chocolate with heart latte art from Storyville Coffee in Seattle's Pike Place Public Market on distressed, colored wooden table
As someone who doesn’t order lattes and relies on almond and coconut milks, I have never received a drink with latte art before!

As hot chocolate goes, it could have had a little more chocolate flavor. Nonetheless, it didn’t have the dreaded artificial sweetener aftertaste of a syrupy chain hot chocolate. Best of all, it was incredibly creamy, which is more difficult to achieve with almond milk.

White cup and saucer of almond milk hot chocolate with heart latte art from Storyville Coffee in Seattle's Pike Place Public Market on round distressed, colored wooden table with cheddar slider and oatmeal oats with dark brown sugar, golden raisins, and creamy almond milk.
The heart started to stretch because I couldn’t help but sneak a sip or two before taking this picture.


One of the people with me ordered the beautiful almond croissant at the top of the post. According to delivery service Caviar, this golden pastry is, “filled with rich almond cream baked between croissant dough layers.” It looked gorgeous and was served with a fork.

Another companion ordered the Tillamook Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich on the right. Caviar lists the sandwich as consisting of, “organic eggs and hickory smoked bacon made with Tillamook Cheddar on a fresh baked pilsner pretzel roll.” Despite its bite-sized appearance in this overhead shot, the treat was taller than it was wide. Ultimately, the eater of this breakfast sandwich declared it tasty and filling.

I ordered the oatmeal with brown sugar and plump raisins. There was an option to add fruit, but I passed. The oatmeal was that perfect balance of cooked without entering mushy territory. The dark brown sugar was decadent and, like the plump raisins, served in a mini cupcake wrapper on the side. I appreciated being able to top my oatmeal at my own discretion. It was a nicely-sized portion, leaving me just able to finish it and my drink without feeling uncomfortably full.

The small vessel on alongside my oatmeal was almond milk. While I added a splash to my oats, I actually drank the rest. Storyville’s almond milk was creamy and fresh, with a light, authentic almond taste. It got me excited to go back and try their house-made coconut cashew milk.

White cup and saucer of almond milk hot chocolate with heart latte art from Storyville Coffee in Seattle's Pike Place Public Market on distressed, colored wooden table with almond croissant.
Once more food arrived, we moved beyond our little side table here, but the ambience of Storyville alone is worth a visit.


In short, I would recommend Storyville for a light breakfast, especially if you are waiting for the rest of Pike Place Public Market to open. As we were eating, a large number of people came in to order drinks, and the line grew from nothing to out the door. Therefore, if you’re on an earlier time schedule, you’d be at an advantage to avoid the morning coffee break rush.

The ambiance was cozy and rich, with warm metals and comfortable couches. The windows along the outside wall peek over Pike Place Market and out to the water.

I’ll be heading back to Storyville to try the house-made coconut cashew milk as well as returning for the beautiful almond milk hot chocolates and quality oatmeal. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Take time to savor.

– Casey