Intentional Wardrobe

Moorea Seal Black Wool Morley adjustable hat with Abercrombie satin bomber and black shell from Banana Republic on Casey of Dressed to Code. Intentional Wardrobe Wishlist
Make getting dressed easier by thinking long-term and shopping strategically.

Be Intentional

My intentional wardrobe experiment began as I wanted to be more thoughtful about putting together a cohesive, functional wardrobe rather than a collection of miscellaneous pieces. Therefore, I sat down and really thought about how I wanted to present myself, what that meant for my closet, and which pieces I would need to achieve that. To get started, you can read my introduction to the idea here.

What follows is my wardrobe wishlist, which I will update with links as I check items off the list. Items which are starred (*) have yet to be featured in a post.

Simple, minimalist, classic, striped, black, white, denim, striped, wool hat, chelsea boots, outfit, idea, inspiration, looks, red, lipstick, lip, lips, bomber, satin, jacket, apple watch, Casey, Dressed to Code. Intentional Wardrobe Wishlist
This outfit is entirely comprised of pieces from my intentional wardrobe wishlist.

My Intentional Wardrobe Wishlist


  1. Short Sleeve Tees
  2. Long Sleeve Tees
    • Black
    • Heather Grey
    • Black & White Stripe
    • Wool Base Layer*
  3. Button Front Shirts
    • Chambray*
    • White
  4. Pullover Sweaters
  5. Cardigan Sweaters


  1. Black T-shirt Dress
  2. Black Maxi Dress


  1. Dark Skinny Jeans
  2. Medium Skinny Jeans
  3. Black Pants
  4. Black Leggings*
  5. Tan/Grey Skinny Pants
  6. Flared or Straight Jeans?
  7. Tights
    • Black Sheer Tights*
    • Black Opaque Tights*
    • Black Fleece-lined Tights*
    • Colorful Opaque Tights


  1. Black Faux Leather Skirt
  2. Black Maxi Skirt


  1. Colorful Raincoat
  2. Fleece Layer
  3. Black Cold-Weather Jacket
  4. Black Bomber
  5. Grey or Tan Trench
  6. Black Wool Coat


  1. Black Riding Boots
  2. Black Chelsea Boots
  3. Black Flats
  4. Cognac Booties
  5. Nude Sandals
  6. Rain Boots


  1. Scarves
    • Blanket Scarf
    • Colorful Scarf*
    • Black/Grey Scarf*
  2. Bags
  3. Belts
    • Black & Silver*
    • Black & Gold
    • Cognac & Gold
  4. Other

Therefore, with this list, the total numbers of items in each categories are as follows:

  • Tops: 17
    • Tees: 9
    • Shirts: 2
    • Sweaters: 6
  • Dresses: 2
  • Bottoms: 8
    • Pants/Leggings/Tights: 10
    • Skirts: 2
  • Outerwear: 6
  • Shoes: 6
  • Accessories: 11

Altogether, that’s 33 articles of clothing, 6 pairs of shoes, and 11 accessories. Total, that’s just 50 pieces!